" What exactly is the process once I have ordered my piece of jewelry?

Once you have ordered your necklace or key ring, send the fur, ashes or feathers (or other material that you would like me to incorporate for you upon request) to the following address:


S. Andersch
Emserhofer Str. 10

Please pack the material separately, for example in a folded tissue or aluminum foil. Please do not place the material loosely in the envelope. You can send it by regular mail, but of course also as a small package if you want to be on the safe side.

I cannot accept any liability for lost shipments!
If you want to send your filling material by registered mail, please only send it by registered mail.

Please write down your full name and address (if you have any questions, including your telephone number) as well as the order number on an enclosed piece of paper, so I can assign your shipment 100% to your order.

As soon as your shipment has reached me, I will send you a short notification.
Once all questions have been answered, I will begin making your personal piece of jewelry.

I ask for your understanding that from this point onwards a cancellation is no longer possible, or in the event of a cancellation I can only refund you 50% of the purchase price!
I would be very happy about photos and also if I could find out more about the animal whose hair or feathers I am working with. If you would like to send me a photo by email, simply as a reply to your order confirmation. With your permission, I would like to create a picture collage with the finished piece of jewelry and the animal and then publish it in my gallery.

How much amount of fur or feathers are needed?

In principle, a "strand" of fur or individual feathers is enough, but of course there can be a few more animal hairs or feathers. The more you can send, the larger my selection is - of course you should neither shave your dog nor pluck your bird. The pictures show amounts of fur and feathers that are optimal:

picture follows

Important: The springs must not be too large or rigid. The small, soft cover feathers, about 1 cm long in budgies, are ideal and create a beautiful, delicately colored picture.

What happens to the leftover fur or feather?

Unless you note otherwise, I will send you whatever is left over with your order.

My animal died and I hardly have any hair left, is that a problem?

No problem. Theoretically I could also cast just a single hair in resin.

Note : In all these years, no shipment has ever been lost. However, to be on the safe side, I advise you to keep a few hairs with you and not send me everything you still have.